The skills and experience of the makeup artist, the techniques, and the products used... all of these significantly influence the durability of the makeup. However, the actual longevity of your makeup also depends on you!
Let's discover together what to do and what not to do to make your makeup last all day.
Let's remember that makeup is not permanent, it's not a tattoo. It is made with products that are removed with water and soap. No matter how high quality or water-resistant it might be, it still remains a delicate product and should be treated as such.
1. Avoid rubbing the makeup with your hands or clothing.
If you rub the makeup too hard, you risk it smudging. Avoid letting your face come into contact with anything. Good makeup certainly withstands kisses and hugs during the ceremony, but in moderation.
2. Don't scratch your face.
If you feel itchy, gently pat the area with your finger, avoiding vigorous scratching.
3. Find shadow.
The wedding season in Italy is becoming increasingly hot every year. This doesn't help with the makeup or the body, which tend to overheat and sweat a lot. Try to stay in the shade, and carry a fan with you (either a traditional one or, to limit movement, an electric one). In the summer in Italy, we all sweat a lot. Some more, some less. If you think you suffer from excessive sweating, communicate this to your makeup artist as there are special products for hyperhidrosis that reduce sweating during the event.
4. Don't go to bed with makeup on.
Unless you can't sleep without moving, avoid taking naps with makeup on before the event.
5. Do your hair first, and then your makeup!
If you need to do a hairstyle, do it before applying makeup. Otherwise, there's a risk that washing and styling your hair will remove the makeup from your forehead and cheeks.
6. Eat and drink carefully.
Almost like a mindfulness practice... :) Eat slowly and mindfully, try not to get food around your mouth because when you clean it, you'll also remove the makeup.
7. What to do if your eyes tear up?
The first instinct is to immediately dry your eyes by rubbing them. When tears come, take a tissue, fold it to create a small cushion, and with that precise tip, gently touch the wet area without rubbing, just pat it gently to dry.
8. The art of tapping.
Whatever touch-up you need to do on your makeup, avoid rubbing or scratching. Everything should be done by TAPPING motion. :)
9. What to do if you become shiny?
Oftentimes, oily skin needs a slight refresh. The classic solution for this issue is usually to add more powder, but it's a wrong approach! The more product you apply on your face, the shinier it becomes. Your skin needs to breathe. To mattify your skin without weighing it down, use blotting papers (always included in the emergency kit for brides), tapping :). Place them on the shiniest areas, they'll absorb the sebum and leave your skin more matte. Repeat if necessary with a new blotting paper. Afterwards, you can refresh your face with a setting spray chosen according to your skin type.
How to make your lipstick last longer?
Lipstick is one of the most delicate elements of makeup and usually requires touch-ups. The most crucial part of lip makeup is the lip contour, as it brings harmony to the entire face and a symmetrical shape to the lips, which is not easily altered! Typically, lipstick tends to fade, especially in the center. If the contour remains intact, touching it up is straightforward: simply gently fill the center of the lips with a thin layer of lipstick or colored lip balm. For your convenience, I always recommend opting for lipsticks that aren't too dry, as even though these may last longer, they tend to dry out significantly and look less fresh when slightly worn after several hours of use and attempted layering during touch-ups. In my opinion, the best approach is to initially start with long-wear lipstick and then make touch-ups with colored balms or creamy lipsticks. Regarding food, if possible, opt for dishes that require the use of a fork (avoid pizzas, sandwiches, etc.). When drinking, gently place the glass only on the lower lip.
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