What types of payment do you accept?
I accept payments through PayPal (prior to the appointment) and in cash (during the appointment). 
How do payments for bridal makeup packages work?
If you decide to purchase one of the bridal makeup packages, you can pay in a single installment during the trial or in two installments (the first during the trial and the second on the wedding day). 
Do you offer home services? 
Yes, with a minimum of 3 clients.
How is the cost of the travel service calculated?
In case I travel by car, the cost includes: calculating the round trip fuel reimbursement using https://www.viamichelin.it, and remuneration for the round trip travel time calculated at 40€ per hour. If I travel by public transport or taxi, the cost includes: calculating the round trip transportation expenses, and remuneration for the round trip travel time calculated at 40€ per hour.
*round trip
I would like a very simple and natural makeup, is it possible to have a lower price?
Even behind a makeup that appears simple and natural, there is significant technical skill and the use of high-quality products, applied with expertise. In reality, sometimes it is easier to create heavy and bold makeup compared to a makeup that looks natural but actually enhances the overall appearance of the face. Prices are determined based on the value of the makeup and reflect the complexity of each level, ensuring optimal quality and are non-negotiable.
What determines the price of ceremonial makeup?
In my offer, there are 3 different price levels for ceremonial makeup, which depend on the complexity of the makeup structure. I can only communicate the final price after completing the interview with the client (makeup check-in) when I have a better understanding of the client's needs. Here are some example photos for each price level of the makeup.

Pictures from Pinterest

What is the makeup check-in?
The makeup check-in represents my innovation in makeup services, created to make the interview process with the client more efficient and convenient, ensuring a highly personalized service.
How long does a makeup appointment last?
A makeup appointment lasts about 1.5 hours. The duration may vary depending on the complexity of the makeup and the client's skin conditions.
What is the emergency kit?
The emergency kit is composed of a carefully selected range of cosmetics based on the client's personal characteristics and makeup, allowing for quick touch-ups during the day even by less experienced individuals. Each kit is personalized and includes products such as mattifying wipes, powder puffs, makeup sponges, hand sanitizer, mascara, lipstick, cotton pads, cotton rounds, setting spray, and more.
How long does a bridal makeup trial last?
A bridal makeup trial lasts approximately 3 hours.
I purchased a bridal package and after a trial, I decided to change the professional for my makeup. Can I receive a refund?
Certainly! If you decide to change the professional for your makeup, you will be refunded the entire amount paid, except for the cost of the trial(s) conducted with me.
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